Tim Krösche, Michael Effertz

Sociocracy: Making good decisions together without stress

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Michael Effertz and Tim Krösche are organisational developers at viadee spark and will introduce you to sociocracy as an organisational model for organisations and companies in this workshop.
The organisational model of the sociocratic circle method stands for “rule by allies”. Sociocracy aims to empower people to work together effectively and take responsibility. With its four basic principles, sociocracy creates the basis for lively information channels, clear roles and effective decision-making. In this way, sociocracy enables people to work towards achieving the goals they have set collectively, rather than being preoccupied with breaking down resistance.
In this workshop you will have the choice to experience one of the two decision-making methods in practice.
You choose from…

Open choice:
A role needs to be filled – how do you go about it? Since both decisions from the leadership level and a grassroots election can also lead to tensions, sociocracy relies on the open election. We will discuss in detail what this means and how it works, and we will also experience an open election ourselves.

Decision-making by consensus:
In your team do you take forever to make decisions? Or it’s always the same people talking anyway and you don’t get a word in edgewise? As a leader you would like to delegate decisions and responsibility to your teams, but your employees don’t take the responsibility? In cases like these, consensus decision-making helps. Experience in practice how collaborative decision-making can also be efficient and harmonious.


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20.10.2023 | 16:30

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