Prof. Dr. Niko Paech

Post-growth economics: “The turn to less”

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The long-held hope that economic growth can be made sustainable or climate-friendly through technological progress is crumbling. Moreover, a system trimmed to permanent economic expansion does not seem to be a guarantor of stability and social security. Climate change, the extinction of species, the scarcity of those resources on whose inexpensive availability the industrial model of prosperity has so far been based, findings of happiness research, but especially also the Corona pandemic and the economic consequences of the Ukraine war show that the growth orientation is nearing its end. Consequently, the possibilities of a post-growth economy need to be explored. Accordingly, a concise dismantling of money-based supply systems is needed. Sufficiency, modern subsistence and shorter supply chains will then be important design options. Moreover, the post-growth economy is characterised by a tendency towards more sedentary lifestyles.


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20.10.2023 | 17:00

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